Introvert for Life

You know how sometimes you’re the person at the party who just wants to hang out with the dog in the room? Sometimes there are dogs at the dog park who only want to hang out with the humans.

Just like humans, dogs can be introverts. They need a forever home that takes into account their unique needs–a home without other dogs and with humans who love and understand them.

With that in mind, ALIVE Rescue has started the Introverts for Life Program. And it comes with a few perks for both dog and human:

1)     Free adoption: Their adoption donation ($300.00/$375.00) is 100% sponsored by ALIVE Rescue. Meaning: for the right home, it costs $0 to adopt one of our Introverts.

2)     A head-start on training: Our Introverts love training. Many begin training with our Barn Wranglers and licensed dog trainers as soon as they join ALIVE. And we will sponsor 1 one-on-one training session with the adopted dog, family, and our trainer to help with the transition.

3)     Cute neckwear: At the time of adoption, our Introverts will head to their new home in style, wearing an “Introvert for Life” bandana.

4)     No need for small talk: If you’re an introvert too, you’ll be glad to know you won’t have to make small talk with our Introverts. But they’ll for sure be there to listen if you need to talk.

5)     A lifetime of attention and love: Whether you like to read, run, or relax, our Introverts will probably want to be right by your side.

Meet our introverts today!