Paws For Hope

Mission Statement
Paws for Hope is dedicated to helping individuals struggling with mental health and wellness, including depression, anxiety, suicidality, and self-injury, through animal-assisted programming. Paws for Hope aims to support these individuals by:

– Building community and providing a safe space where individuals can share their struggles with professionals and others with similar experiences, while being comforted by ALIVE Rescue’s adoptable animals.
– Connecting ALIVE’s dogs with individuals in mental health facilities and recovery programs.


Paws for Hope Pack
The Paws for Hope Pack is a safe community for ALIVE Rescue volunteers to connect when seeking support. The community comes together online and in-person through the Paws for Hope Facebook group, workshops, monthly recreational activities, and meet-ups with mental health professionals and adoptable animals.

Paws for Hope Days

ALIVE Rescue volunteers along with therapy and rescue dogs, will visit local mental health facilities to comfort those in recovery programs. The goal of these visits is to brighten days—no matter how dark.