Foster Resources (What We Provide)

One of the best parts about fostering is that it is totally free! ALIVE Rescue covers all financial obligations associated with caring for a foster animal.

When caring for a foster animal from ALIVE we provide:

  • All supplies (food, leash/collar/harness, bowls, crate, toys, blankets, treats, puppy pads, IQ toys, thunder shirts, coats, booties, etc.)
  • All vet appointments, medications, and any necessary medical care is fully covered by ALIVE
  • We have an amazing network of trainers who are always willing to help assist our fosters in learning and working with their foster animals
  • Temporary coverage when you are out of town— if ever you need to go out of town while caring for a foster animal all you need to do is contact your Foster Coordinator as soon as your know your travel dates and our team will handle the rest!
  • Transport— we have an amazing transport network always ready and willing to help drive our animals to and from appointments, home visits, events, etc. Being based in the city we know that many of our fosters do not have cars (which is totally fine!) so we are here to help