Frequently Asked Questions

How long are animals in their foster homes?

The length of an animal’s stay in a foster home varies significantly and there is no way to determine how long the animal will need a foster. Some animals stay in foster homes anywhere from a few days to several months. If at any time you need assistance with taking care of your foster animal (going on vacation, etc.) we will provide them with a place to stay while you are gone. Additionally, if you can no longer foster the animal for any reason we will provide a new foster home for them as quickly as possible.

What does ALIVE Rescue Provide?

ALIVE Rescue will cover all financial obligations. We will pay for all the animal’s medical and veterinary expenses, food, supplies, a crate, collar, and leash. Additionally, we will provide support and guidance on training and the behavior of your foster animal.

What if I can no longer keep my foster animal?

We understand that life events may happen that require a foster animal to be moved immediately, but please try to give as much notice as possible about when you are no longer able to foster so that we can prepare for the animal’s transition.

What if I want to keep my foster animal forever?

We use the same application for both processes so that in the event that you decide you want to adopt your foster animal the application is already complete; you will just have to let your Foster Coordinator know you want to make it official and we can go over next steps from there!

What if my foster animal needs to go to the vet?

If your foster animal needs to go to the vet, ALIVE Rescue will cover all veterinary expenses and will arrange transport if needed. More details on this will be provided to you if you become an approved foster home.

What if I need help with training my dog?

Taking in a foster dog can be hard work. Dogs that come into ALIVE Rescue are on a wide spectrum of training; some dogs require little to no training, while other dogs (especially very young dogs, or dogs who have never been a family pet) require more training. Your Foster Coordinator will be there to provide guidance and support on training your foster dog. If more expertise is needed we have trainers that we work with that we will connect you with. We know that foster families have different abilities in regards to time and commitment, we ask that you put in as much time as possible training your foster dog as this makes them more adoptable.

What if I already have a pet of my own?

Many people who currently own pets foster with ALIVE Rescue. Your current animals must be up-to-date on all vaccinations and be spayed/neutered. Exposing your pet to other animals is always a health risk, whether that be on walks, in the park, or at the vet; if your pet is up to date on vaccinations and is healthy the risk is minimal.

Will I be responsible for getting the foster animal adopted?

No, but we do need your help. Foster animals need to be made available for adoption events and introductions with qualified applicants. We do not ask that you have these introductions in your home, but we will need to be able to pick up the animal and take them to their introductions. By providing quick responses to inquiries about schedules, you will help make the animal’s adoption go more smoothly. It is also incredibly helpful to share as much information as possible about your foster animal, including photos, to our Foster Home Facebook page and with your Foster Coordinator. This information is helpful to share with potential adopters and on social media posts to boost exposure for your foster animal.

What are my responsibilities as a foster home?

As a foster home for ALIVE Rescue, you will need to provide space, meals (food provided by ALIVE), basic training, exercise, and love for the animal. We will provide you with everything else you need. We ask that you provide us with regular updates on your foster animal so that we can use this information to find them a suitable forever home.