Kristen Gerali
Founder and President

As a child, Kristen spent time on her uncle’s farm in Wisconsin, where she developed a lifelong love for animals. When Hurricane Katrina hit, she went to New Orleans to help the rescue effort. The week she spent there changed her life and led to more rescue volunteer work in Chicago; and ultimately the founding of ALIVE Rescue.
Greg Raymond
Co-founder and Vice President

Greg helped to found ALIVE Rescue and serves as our Vice President on the Board of Directors. We are also fortunate to have him as the unofficial Director of IT/Building Maintenance/Infrastructure. His prior experience with the Furry Friends Foundation, history as a business owner/executive for more than 25 years, and overall patience provide priceless direction for ALIVE.
Jackie Groberski, CFA
Development Director

Jackie has always had an unparalleled love and passion for animals. To her, joining ALIVE Rescue is an extremely rewarding experience, and a chance to help those who can’t speak for themselves. She has two dogs – Hustler (American bulldog) and Diana (Lab-mix), as well as two cats – Pharah and Nova. Jackie grew up with an akita (Sinbad) in the house and loved him deeply. One of Jackie’s favorite things about ALIVE Rescue is the team’s love for the unloved.
Sam Grzeskiewicz
Adoption and Foster Director

Sam has always had a passion for helping animals in need. She worked with dog and horse rescues when she was growing up, volunteered with multiple animal outreach programs in Latin America, and most recently served as an adoptions coordinator, foster, and full-time snuggler at a rescue in D.C. She has always gravitated to the more challenging “troublemakers” of the bunch and loves working with them and showing them unconditional love.
Laura Krill
Medical Director

Laura grew up with pets and has always shared her home with dogs, cats, and even a rabbit. When she began volunteering for ALIVE in 2012, helping others find a special addition for their family seemed like the logical thing to do with her free time, not to mention rewarding. Laura wears a few hats at ALIVE and is always looking for more. She serves as a foster home, an Adoption Coordinator, a Home Visit Coordinator, a Barn Leader, and a member of the Associate Board.
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Amanda Schackart
Ashley Barna
Ashley found ALIVE in 2017 when she adopted her dog Jack. She met him at an adoption event, and although she wasn’t looking for another dog at that time, she completely fell in love! Ashley started volunteering a short time after and was blown away by everything ALIVE does for rescues in Chicago. Every year she tells herself she wants to get more involved with the rescue community, and when the opportunity to join the associate board presented itself, Ashley knew she had to do it.
Brad Smith
Fundraising Coordinator

Brad grew up in San Francisco, went to college in Arizona, and recently relocated to Chicago for work. After relocating to Chicago he adopted his own rescue, a goofy 65 lb. lab mix named Fish. His experience with Fish is what prompted him to get involved with a local animal rescue. Aside from volunteering, Brad has an active career in the tech industry and enjoys working with his clients. Outside of work Brad enjoys golfing, wakeboarding, and reading a good book.
Jayme Czocher

After leaving the corporate world in April of 2018 I started volunteering at ALIVE Rescue. I have always been very passionate about wanting to help animals and a big advocate for rescues like ALIVE. After volunteering for a couple months, I was inspired to do a complete career change and go back to school to become a Veterinary Technician. When I’m not spending time at the little barn, you can find me running to raise money and awareness for the ALIVE and Running team.
Jeff Morosetti
Jessica Bukovac
Adoption Event Coordinator + Fundraising Coordinator

Jessica’s animal rescue career started in August 2017 when she and her now-husband rescued their first dog—a 7-pound senior Chihuahua they named Fiona. After Fiona joined their family, Jessica knew she wanted to do more to help the animals of Chicago. A quick Google search led her to ALIVE Rescue and would forever change her life. She started out volunteering at the Little Barn and progressively got more involved.
Johanna Newcomb
Johanna has always been an animal lover for as long as she can remember bringing strays home from a very young age. This love of pets led her to help develop the concept for Paradise 4 Paws, of which she is the Chief Operating Officer, now with 13 locations nationwide under the Pooch Hotel, AnimalSense, and Paradise 4 Paws Resorts brands. She has utilized this platform to raise support and awareness for animal organizations across the country.
Kathy Tallering

Kathy is a retired pediatrician and has always loved children and animals. She grew up in an apartment in New York City with a cat who thought he was a dog named Cinnamon. She has lived in Chicago for 25 years and is now the proud mom to two Portuguese Water Dogs — almost-11-year-old Tucker, and six-year-old Phoebe. Kathy has been volunteering with ALIVE Rescue for over two years, mostly doing transports, and she wants to continue supporting ALIVE and their mission as best as she can!
Keelie Johnson

Keelie has a Master’s in Nonprofit Administration with a special focus in fundraising from North Park University. Throughout her career, Keelie has organized many events to benefit causes she is passionate about, including a 5k for Nothing But Nets, a benefit for The Haiti School Building Project, and an Awards Gala for Casa Central.

When she is not raising money or planning events, Keelie enjoys spending time with Loretta Lynn, her Pomeranian-Dachshund.
Laurel Golden
Vice President
Stacy Maraziegos
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Alexis Steinard
Fundraising Coordinator

Alexis Steinard is an IT consultant by day and animal lover by night! She has always had a passion for animals and rescuing/helping them. Growing up Alexis had adopted snakes, guinea pigs, dogs, bunnies etc. A few years ago, Alexis and her husband adopted a cat from the Michigan Humane Society (Sullu) and another from Planned Pethood Toledo (Ella). After she started volunteering for ALIVE, she met and fell in love with her family’s newest addition - Mickey.
Alyssa Cruz
Barn Leader Assistant
Amanda Barns
Food Donation Team

I have always been an animal lover. I was the kid who tried bringing home every stray cat or dog in Detroit. By high school my mom finally caved and allowed me to start fostering cats and kittens. We added two foster fails to our family from that experience. I have been fostering with various rescues ever since.
Amanda Proeber
Fundraising Coordinator
Amy Dreibelbis
Fundraising Coordinator

Amy believes that working with ALIVE Rescue has really taught her a lot about animal welfare and rescue. She has been part of the “front line” participating in CRISP - a coalition that ALIVE Rescue is a founding member of. Additionally, she is on the fundraising committee. Aside from working on a team, Amy fosters for ALIVE Rescue. Amy has commented that ALIVE Rescue has provided her the opportunity to make a difference and meet a lot of new connections along the way.
Angela Kelly
Foster Coordinator
Angela Vitzthum
Research Coordinator

Angela started volunteering with Alive in November of 2018 by being a handler at an adoption event. This quickly expanded into volunteering at the Adoption Center, doing transports, fostering with Alive’s Introvert for Life program and most recently spearheading a new Research initiative for ALIVE.
Anita Mettille
Adoption Coordinator Lead + Open House Lead

Anita got involved with ALIVE Rescue after spending a year volunteering at Chicago Animal Care and Control walking dogs and working events. She learned, that without foster homes, many of the dogs just won’t make it out alive. She asked CACC staff who their top 5 rescue partners were. After researching, ALIVE Rescue was her choice. She and her pit mix, Stella, started fostering for ALIVE Rescue in 2014.
Anne Planic
Barn Leader

Anne started volunteering at ALIVE when she moved to the city, and it was the best decision she ever made! Growing up, she was always the girl dogsitting instead of babysitting. Anne’s first introduction to animal rescue was her brother’s dog Klifford, a big black lab. The love of black dogs led to the adoption of Rhubarb from ALIVE Rescue! She loves all the work that ALIVE does especially for dogs that would otherwise go unnoticed.
Ashley Gonsler
Barn Leader Assistant
Ashley Scott
Home Visit Coordinator
Berkley Cameron
Fundraising Coordinator

Berkley credits her passion for saving animals to her dad. Growing up in Iowa she and her dad would save stray cats, turtles, birds, and just about anything that they came across on the farm.
She got involved with volunteering and fostering animals over 10 years ago and eventually adopted her two dogs, Duddley and Lucky, as well as her cat, Winky.
Brad Obermeyer
Barn Leader + Webmaster

Brad greatly enjoys spending time with the animals in the Little Barn and getting to help them on the road to their new lives. His love of animals started at a young age, growing up with a menagerie of assorted pets–cats, fish, turtles, a hedgehog, lizards, a tree frog, and the occasional snake found in his parents’ garden. Prior to discovering ALIVE, Brad was an employee and volunteer Adoption Counselor at Chicago Canine Rescue.
Brittaney Lynch
Animal Sponsorship Coordinator
Caragh Reilly
Barn Leader Assistant
Carolyn Wiest
Barn Leader Assistant + Foster Coordinator
Casey McCarthy
Adoption Coordinator Lead
Cassandra Christian
Donation Correspondence Coordinator
Charli North
Donation Correspondence Coordinator
Christine Wong
Barn Leader Assistant
Courtney Garcia
Fundraising Coordinator
Dana Zemanovic
Social Media Coordinator
Dori Goldman
Barn Leader Assistant + Donation Coordinator
Erin Robertson
Social Media Coordinator
Geena Sondy
Barn Leader + Web Team
Gina DePhillips
Animal Sponsorship Coordinator
Grace Lee
Volunteer Coordinator
Hannah Nicolet
ALIVE + Running Coordinator + Barn Leader Assistant + Social Media Coordinator
Indok Park
Home Visit Coordinator
Ivan Zurita
Barn Leader Assistant
Jaclyn Moriarty
Volunteer Coordinator
Jessica Remitz
Barn Leader Assistant + Home Visit Coordinator
Katie Gill
Adoption Coordinator
Katie Hercher
Home Visit Coordinator
Kim Johnson
Barn Leader Assistant
Korie Brown
Adoption Coordinator + Home Visit Coordinator
Lauren Markzon
Barn Leader + Web Team
Leah Bence
Barn Leader + Social Media Coordinator
Mackenzie Gorham
ALIVE + Running Coordinator
Maria Berezniak
Home Visit Coordinator
Maria Choroszewski
Home Visit Coordinator
Maria Ranahan
Barn Leader Assistant + Foster Coordinator
Margo Strebig
Paws for Hope Manager
Meg Madden
Adoption Coordinator
Megan Grable
Social Media Coordinator
Megan Powers
Foster Coordinator
Michelle Henstock
Barn Leader + Social Media Coordinator
Nicole Cadwell
Public Relations Coordinator
Niki Duran
Fundraising Coordinator
Olivia Martinez
Adoption Coordinator
Peggy Oshefsky
Adoption Coordinator
Rachel Bowen
Adoption Coordinator
Rachel Doering
Animal Sponsorship Coordinator
Ranise Coppens
President - ALIVE Rescue Memphis
Rebecca Warren
Barn Leader + Foster Coordinator Lead
Rickey Greenberg
Reach Out Program Coordinator
Robert Harriott
Barn Leader + Home Visit Coordinator
Sonia Arroyave
Animal Sponsorship Coordinator
Stephanie Thomas
Medical Coordinator
Susan Fritz
Grant Writing Coordinator
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Ted Williams
Adoption Coordinator + Barn Leader
Terry Jarbe
Barn Leader Assistant
Traci Lee
Adoption Coordinator Lead + Home Visit Coordinator
Vicky Mittel
Adoption Program Specialist
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