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Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Jade passed away at the end of November, 2018, but she is still an amazing story of what ALIVE Rescue does for animals in our care. Jade was surrendered through the CRISP program at Chicago Animal Care and Control. She had lost mobility and her family couldn't afford her treatment. Like many families, they had nowhere else to turn and didn't know what to do. Jade was slated for euthanasia that evening - a timestamp that many in the rescue community are all too familiar with. Our team at ALIVE stepped up and took her in. We didn't know what the future held for miss Jade, but we knew she deserved more.

At the time of her arrival at ALIVE, both of Jade's hind legs were paralyzed. During our first vet visit, it was discovered that Jade had an inoperable tumor causing this paralysis. We received the unfortunate news that she likely only had about two months to live. Despite her prognosis, we weren't ready to say goodbye. Jade was so happy and full of life that we had to give her a chance.

Our volunteers rallied together as Jade's big new rescue family! They created a bucket list for her and got to work. Jade's list included things like: A stroll to Lake Michigan, Appearing on TV, Meeting a celebrity - Bill Murray - (Yes we made it happen!), Staying overnight in a hotel and Visiting The Big Barn, just to name a few.

While our volunteers whipped up her bucket list, we knew the perfect foster family who always had our back. They loved animals and were familiar with caring for special needs dogs. They had a home with everything needed to rehabilitate animals who could eventually be adopted, but they also took on the role of "fospice." It takes special people with big hearts to open their homes to animals who have limited time. The Ponzo family were the perfect fit for Jade and she had the best life while under their care. She got to swim, be cuddled, hang with other pups and attend all of her bucket list outings while in foster. For that, we are thankful.

Words can't express how much we loved sweet Jade and how much love was sent her way while with ALIVE. Of all the amazing items on her bucket list, we knew there was one thing Jade truly deserved. She deserved a forever family, but with her condition, it was unlikely. We were thrilled when her foster family decided that she deserved her final wish. They signed the paperwork and made it official by adopting Jade after a few months in their care. We couldn't have asked for more.

Despite the couple of months Jade was given to live, she made it past her first birthday - more than double her expected lifetime. We all hoped for a miracle, but she left feeling so very loved and changed us all for better in the process.

Medical cases like Jade's are covered thanks to donations we receive. The many vet visits, medications and supplies needed to care for the animals add up FAST. One of Jade's first vet visits totaled out at $9,931.81. The next had an ending balance of $11,190.88. Things like catheters, X-rays, fluids, ultrasounds (the list goes on) pile up. Every penny that goes to these animals is worth it.

We cannot do it without our supporters and wonderful community. Find out how you can sponsor one of our animals, which helps cover medical costs, here.


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