The Ruth Fund

Ruth was a special dog rescued by ALIVE Rescue on February 7th, 2014. Due to devastating neglect, Ruth came to ALIVE emaciated and near death. Despite ALIVE’s best efforts, Ruth only survived two days after being rescued.  The amount of love and support we received within the two days Ruth was with us was overwhelming.  She touched so many lives and we knew we had to keep her memory alive by creating The Ruth Fund.

The Ruth Fund is a giving opportunity to support ALIVE Rescue’s ability to save animals who have experienced severe cruelty or neglect and who often have expensive medical issues that must be addressed to be able to be rescued and have normal, healthy, happy lives.  Contributions to this fund will help save more animals like Ruth and let them experience loving human companionship!

Note:  Thank you to Christine M. for designing The Ruth Fund logo.  The logo symbolizes Ruth and her spirit creating life, making life for other animals.