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Recognize this cover girl?  It’s none other than our very own alumni, Una!  When we decided to create a coloring book filled with rescue animals, we could not think of a better rescue to grace the cover. 


Una came to ALIVE Rescue as a deaf dog who suffered from neurological issues.  She stayed at ALIVE Rescue for FOUR years before two amazing volunteers adopted her.  That’s definitely a record here at ALIVE Rescue.  Una is a special girl whose personality is more colorful than her cover.  We are so excited to share stories like hers and other rescued animals in our “Rescue In Place” coloring book. 



Since COVID-19 hit in January/February, ALIVE Rescue has lost approximately $90,000 in fundraising event revenue and we foresee that number increasing dramatically in the coming months. 

The pandemic has forced many non-profits to get creative with their fundraising efforts. Luckily, ALIVE Rescue has many talented and creative volunteers who are willing to help.  We are excited to launch our first edition coloring book, Rescue In Place.  This coloring book features 40 rescued animals (dogs, cats, rabbits, and even a pig) including some popular ALIVE Rescue alumni. 


amanda proeber is a social justice activist and artist living in Chicago. amanda believes strongly that committing to more compassion in your life through lifestyle choices such as diet, behaviors and involvement in your community will create a more compassionate world, for both humans and animals. Upon moving to Chicago, amanda noticed how amazingly the Chicago Rescue community works together to create change for animals and saw ALIVE Rescue as a leader in Chicago. In 2015 they began to volunteer in the Little Barn and grew to love the Alive Community, as well as hundreds of new animals they met along the way. amanda ended up happily foster failing with two ALIVE Rescue Alums, Chiki and Charlie, who are the best because they're very keen on snuggles and being silly pibbles.

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