Volunteer of the Month

October 2019 ~ Stephanie Thomas

Congratulations to Stephanie Thomas on being chosen as ALIVE Rescue’s October Volunteer of the Month! We are so lucky to have Stephanie on the team. The time she spends helping with all the medical needs is invaluable to us and we truly appreciate everything she does for the animals of ALIVE Rescue! Thank you, Stephanie!









May 2019 ~ Julio Torres

Congratulations to Julio Torres on being chosen as ALIVE Rescue’s May 2019 Volunteer of the Month! Whenever we post a plea for help, Julio steps up—always with a smile on his face—and we truly appreciate it!

A note from Julio: We moved to Chicago almost two years ago from Houston after our town was hit by Hurricane Harvey, back there I was a hands-on volunteer for a small rescue, and I wanted to continue the hard work that so many souls put in this project to save lives! I’m so grateful to ALIVE Rescue as they are giving me a new purpose in life!








April 2019 ~ Kathy Tallering

Congratulations to Kim Tallering on being chosen as ALIVE Rescue’s April Volunteer of the Month! What would we do without Kim? She has been such an asset to the ALIVE Rescue team and we consider ourselves lucky to have her as part of our little family. Between vet visits, transporting, Associate Board, planning events, etc. Kim definitely stays busy.

A note from Kathy: It is both an honor and a pleasure to be an ALIVE rescue Associate Board member and volunteer. I love transporting dogs, cats, and bunnies to vet appointments and getting to know them a little better, but my favorite thing to do is to transport animals to home visits or on the day of their adoption. If I can even be a tiny part of one of our rescue’s journeys to their forever homes I know it’s a good day!!








February 2019 ~ Kim Knode

Congrats to Kim Knode on being chosen as ALIVE Rescue’s February 2019 Volunteer of the Month. We so appreciate all the help Kim lends when we put out a plea for help. Whether it be helping at The Little Barn, transporting dogs to the vet, driving out to Spay Illinois, joining the Associate Board, and everything else in between, she is always there to step up. Thank you, Kim, for all your help with all things ALIVE Rescue!!

A note from Kim: I love volunteering at the barn. I have learned so much since starting volunteering a year ago and learn more every shift. Our residents go without saying are so special, but all of the leaders and volunteer friendships I have made are the icing on the cake! Thank you ALIVE for all you do!! Can’t wait to do more and make the Big Barn a go live! Love road trips, drives by the lake, long drives to Big Barn and trips home from vets are all special.








January 2019 ~ Jaclyn Moriarty

Congrats to Jaclyn Moriarty on being chosen as our January 2019 Volunteer of the Month!!! We truly appreciate all the work Jaclyn puts into the volunteer team. She keeps everything so organized, stays on top of all the volunteer requests, reminds us when we are forgetting something, keeps all the data up to date, and helps run the volunteer side of things so smoothly.  Thank you, Jaclyn, for being a part of the team!

A note from Jaclyn: While I don’t often make it to ALIVE’s Little Barn to walk pups and play with kittens, I’m thrilled to contribute remotely as a volunteer coordinator. I love welcoming new volunteers and setting them up for orientation to become new members of the ALIVE family. It’s truly an honor to volunteer for such an amazing rescue.








December 2018 ~ Sarah Allabastro

Congratulations to Sarah Allabastro on being chosen as December’s Volunteer of the Month! Thank you, Sarah, for all your help with the donation correspondence. Sarah’s position is a little more “behind the scenes” so she does not get as much face time with the other volunteers, but we could not succeed without her help. Sending donation acknowledgements to the donors is vital to ALIVE’s success and her help is much appreciated. Thank you, Sarah!

A note from Sarah: I got involved at ALIVE Rescue a few years ago to spend some quality snuggle time with the rescues and to get to know the Chicago Rescue community, and now I help with the donation letters. Recently, I have had limited availability to spend time at the Little Barn but being able to help in this way keeps me connected with this amazing organization. ALIVE has taught me so much and I am so inspired by the work that ALIVE does for our community. I am so grateful for all that ALIVE Rescue does!





November 2018 ~ Nicole Smith

Congratulations to Nicole Smith on being chosen as ALIVE Rescue’s November 2018 Volunteer of the Month!!!! We truly appreciate all her hard work and enthusiasm at The Little Barn. Whether taking pictures of the Barn residents, cuddling puppies, or walking dogs, Nicole’s dedication to the animals consistently shows. We also admire her fight for the stray animals who need her; she didn’t give up on Sadie and kittens and they are safe now thanks to Nicole.


A note from Nicole: Thank you so much for the recognition but honestly the pleasure is all mine. There’s no place I’d rather be than at the little barn. I just wished I lived closer. I would come everyday if I could. It is so nice to work along side a wonderful group of people. I’ve never felt this alive or happy until I came to the little barn. 








October 2018 ~ Ivan Guillen

Congrats to Ivan Guillen on being chosen as ALIVE Rescue’s October Volunteer of the Month! The fundraising team is lucky to have such a dedicated volunteer on its side. Ivan always willing to pitch in where and when help is needed and we truly appreciate everything he does.


A note from Ivan: I truly appreciate and am extremely privileged to be a part of this great honor! Over the past couple of years I have been able to be a part of this great group. The people that help run this organization is what makes ALIVE what is it. It has been special to see how everyone in this community plays different roles and helps keep the ALIVE engine running. I consider myself lucky I was able to join the fundraising team, because I get to make a unique impact year round. I cannot wait to see what comes in store next for ALIVE!







September 2018 ~ Maria Ranahan

Congratulations to Maria Ranahan on being chosen as ALIVE Rescue’s September Volunteer of the Month! WE LOVE volunteers who jump in with both feet and that’s just what Maria has done. Whether she’s volunteering as a Barn Leader Assistant, writing volunteer descriptions, fostering a bottle baby kitten, handling dogs at adoption events, or just spreading the word about ALIVE Rescue, her time at ALIVE Rescue is so invaluable to us. We are so lucky to have you Maria the team.


A note from Maria: I fell in love with ALIVE after my first Little Barn shift. This rescue is so full of love and cuties, it’s hard not to adore this place. I volunteer because working with animals is one of my favorite ways to spend my free time— it’s amazing to see the impact you’re making in an animal’s life just by taking them for a walk or giving them some snuggles.







August 2018 ~ Maria Berezniak

Congratulations on being chosen as ALIVE Rescue’s August 2018 Volunteer of the Month.   We truly appreciate all the work you put into the Animal Sponsorship Team and as a Home Visit Coordinator.  So many dogs have found their forever homes thanks to your expert home visits!  So many more have been able to be saved because of the work you put into the sponsors.   We can’t thank you enough for being a constant at ALIVE Rescue.

A note from Maria: I am truly honored to be part of such an amazing organization and surrounded by such compassionate and like minded individuals.  Volunteering with animals brings me true happiness and is a highlight in my life.  Thank you to ALIVE Rescue for giving me the opportunity to ensue my passion with animals!






July 2018 ~ Ivan Zurira

Congratulations on being chosen as ALIVE Rescue’s Volunteer of the Month!  We love having you as part of the team.  Your weekly inventory updates help us a ton and keep us organized.  I know all the Barn Leaders truly appreciate having you as a BLA and always comment about how easy shifts are when you are around. Thank you for being a part of the ALIVE Rescue family.

A note from Ivan: I am so lucky to have found such an amazing family “the ALIVE family” ~ it’s such an amazing feeling coming to the little barn to provide and care for all of the residents. Thank you for all of you guys, that just like me, want nothing but the best for our animals.  My ALIVE family, thank you!!





June 2018 ~ Nicole Cadwell

Congratulations on being chosen as our June Volunteer of the Month.  We are so lucky to have you as a barn volunteer, Kringle snuggler, PR extraordinaire, Shelter Shiver jumper, and so much more!  Thanks for always being positive, spreading the word about ALIVE Rescue, and for being a team player.  Your love and compassion for all animals shines through in everything you do.


A note from Nicole: Being a part of Alive Rescue makes me feel like I am a part of something so grand and important. Since joining as a volunteer, I have met countless human beings who give so much of their time for the animals and every last one them has the same amazing goals. It’s an honor to be recognized and a privilege to be a part of the Alive family.