Volunteer of the Month

May  2017 ~ Hannah Nicolet

Congratulations to Hannah Nicolet on being chosen as ALIVE Rescue’s May Volunteer of the Month!  Where do we even begin? Hannah has truly shined as an ALIVE Rescue volunteer and has helped us grow tremendously. Her leadership at The Little Barn, her dedication on the social media team, and her passion to get the Alive and Running team to the next level have not gone unnoticed. We are so grateful for all the time and love Hannah puts into ALIVE as well as all those little dog costume shopping spree’s she goes on because she “had to.” Thank you, Hannah, for being a part of the team and our little family. It wouldn’t be the same without you!

April  2017 ~ Anne Planic

Volunteering at the Little Barn is an amazing experience.  I am honored that I get to be involved in so many different facets of Alive Rescue as it is truly a rewarding experience.  The passion and dedication you all have for rescue work has pushed me to want to do more.  Thank you for all you do for the dogs, cats, and rabbits of Chicago through Alive and your partnerships!!!

March  2017 ~ Jacquelyn Potwin

Congratulations to Jacquelyn for being chosen as the March volunteer of the month. Jacquelyn has been a huge part of the fundraising team. She brings such great enthusiasm, ideas and positive vibes  to everything she does! Not to mention her organization and attention to detail are so noticed and appreciated! Thanks for everything you do, Jacquelyn.

“I’m honored to be ALIVE Rescue’s volunteer of the month! It’s a great feeling to find and meet new friends that share your love for rescue animals. I’m so happy to be a part of the ALIVE family. I have huge respect for all you do every day to save our furry friends, take on the hard cases, the sick and shower them with love and a second chance. Thank you for letting me be a part of it. And thank you for saving our little man Tate”

February 2017 ~ Maria Cantu and Brian Rzepnicki

Congratulations to Maria Cantu and Brian Rzepnicki on being chosen as the February Volunteers of the month, Valentine’s Edition!
From their help re-organizing the entire barn AND taking on the basement makeover to their dedication to helping the many animals at the Little Barn to Beau’s numerous appearances at Reach Out Day events as well as their amazing patience, care, and love for Miss Una, we can’t thank them both enough for everything they’ve done for ALIVE Rescue. All of us at ALIVE Rescue look forward to continuing to work with you in 2017 and beyond.
From Brian and Maria:
We are grateful to be a part of the ALIVE Rescue family. We have enjoyed helping out at the Barn, participating in events, and meeting a lot of great people. Without ALIVE Rescue we wouldn’t have had the privilege of adopting Miss Una – the queen of the world! Thank you to Kristen and team for letting us be a part of this great organization.

January 2017 ~ Hannah Smith

Congratulations to Hannah Smith on being chosen as ALIVE Rescue’s January Volunteer of the Month! Hannah has been a true asset to ALIVE Rescue for a long time! She has streamlined ALIVE’s adoption events and has made them an enjoyable experience for the animals, volunteers, foster homes and businesses. Thank you, Hannah! We couldn’t do it with out you.

A note from Hanna: Volunteering with ALIVE has been a privilege, as I get to work with so many passionate people and experience the amazing growth that occurs along an animal’s journey from rescue to adoption.  It is an honor to receive this recognition and I am grateful to be part of such an inspiring community. Thank you and I look forward to what ALIVE will achieve in 2017!

December 2016 ~ Ted Williams

Congratulations to Ted Williams on unanimously being chosen as ALIVE Rescue’s December Volunteer of the Month! Ted has been a true asset to all the animals, volunteers, and Barn Leaders at The Little Barn. He always steps up to help when we are in emergency situations: taking puppies to the ER and cats to vet appointments; socializing with the animals; helping to clean suites; staying beyond barn shift hours; throwing his muscles around when we need a heavy lifter; running to grab much needed medication…..Ted does it all!  ALIVE Rescue is so lucky to have him!  Thank you for everything, Ted!

A note from Ted: “I really enjoy working at Alive — it’s become an important part of my routine over these, what, last two years. I came for the animals and stayed because of the people (and the animals). It also really helped me cope with the loss of my cat, Mila.

November 2016 ~ Sara DePasquale

saradrosieCongratulations to Sara DePasquale on being chosen as ALIVE Rescue’s November Volunteer of the Month! Sara is a huge asset to the team in so many areas and we consider ourselves lucky to have her on board! She has been a key person on the Alive & Running team two years in a row and has brought in much needed funds to help with medical costs. Sara does an amazing job as Adoption Coordinator and is always willing to take whatever we throw her way. AND she still finds time to make it to the barn to hang with the pups who need love. On top of all that, Sara fosters!!!!  Sara is just about perfect.  🙂   Seriously, thanks for everything Sara!  We truly appreciate it!

A note from Sara: “I am so thankful that ALIVE is honoring me this month! I believe that being a part of the ALIVE Rescue team has truly made me a better person. The rescue continues to inspire me to help these dogs & cats get another chance at the life they deserve. There is nothing better than being in an organization that has the same passion as you do, and isn’t afraid to take on the hardest cases. I have met some of my favorite crazy dog and cat lady friends and am truly thankful for this! Thank you for your unconditional love to rescue Pitties, we know I have a weakness for them all. No one ever said that being in rescue would be easy, but it is ALWAYS worth it.”

September 2016 ~ Rachel Cameron


rachel_cameronCongratulations to our October Volunteer of the Month, Rachel Cameron! Rachel has been doing an amazing job on the grant writing team. We know how much work goes into each grant and she has been rocking it out of the park! We truly appreciate that she has stepped up to photograph events and recent CRISP days as well!  She is truly an asset to ALIVE Rescue and we are so happy she is on the team!  
From Rachel: “ALIVE Rescue does such important work for Chicago animals and I have been consistently impressed with the dedication of each member of this organization and I count myself lucky to be a part of an immensely impactful team. I have never seen so many effective programs be implemented and become successful in so short a time by any other volunteer organization. Thank you for this honor – I absolutely cannot wait to see what kind of projects ALIVE Rescue takes on next and what positive change we can make in the future, for people and animals.”


October 2016 ~ Leah Karabenick

aliverescue_volunteerlmkCongratulations to Leah, our September Volunteer of the Month. We are so lucky to have Leah on the team and have no idea what we did without her. The pictures/videos she takes of the cats and dogs truly helps speed along the adoption process. She is so great at capturing everyone’s personalities and we know that our supporters enjoy the posts. Our social media platforms look amazing and she has gone above and beyond to meet us at CACC, spent countless hours at the barn with the barn residents, and worked tirelessly behind the scenes making tweaks so that everything is perfect. Her vision and creativity are a welcome asset to ALIVE Rescue.

August 2016 ~ Emmanuel Ramirez

EmmanuelDoeCongratulations to Emmanuel Ramirez on being chosen as ALIVE Rescue’s August 2016 Volunteer of the Month! In the short time he has been volunteering with us, Emmanuel has proven to be a true asset. Whether he is at the barn walking dogs or handling applications, he is always positive and works well with all the volunteers. We love that he comes up with ways to improve upon things as well.  We are so lucky to have Emmanuel on our team. Thanks for everything you do!

A note from Emmanuel: “I’m truly honored! I’m the lucky one. I’ve always surrounded myself with dogs and cats, yet I feel like I’m learning so much more by volunteering at ALIVE. The dogs and cats at ALIVE has been wonderful, but my experience has been enhanced by my teammates. Working side-by-side with like minded compassionate people makes it easy to continue signing up on the volunteer calendar week after week. Thank you Team ALIVE!”

July 2016 ~ Michelle Henstock

MH and Moose

Congratulations to Michelle Henstock on being chosen as ALIVE Rescue’s July Volunteer of the Month! Michelle has really stepped up in so many areas at ALIVE over the last couple months and we are extremely grateful for her help. The social media team is going to take off with her as a team member. Her insight and knowledge in that department has already proved to be invaluable. At the barn, the Barn Leaders can always count on her for any task, which is a true asset.  Thanks for loving our little fur family as much as we do!

A note from Michelle: “I truly appreciate this honor and I think it’s such a great organization with a wonderful group of dedicated people that are really trying to affect positive change in our community – especially for the pets but also for people and our environment. Everyone is so welcoming, fun and kind and of course I’m in love with all our fur babies! Showing up to The Little Barn to volunteer is something that is a highlight of my week.  I am excited to be involved on the Social Media team and I will continue to work to find ways to advocate for ALIVE!”

June 2016 ~ Sarah Brewster

Volunteer of the Month Sarah Brewster has made a huge impact on ALIVE Rescue. As our outgoing Director of Adoptions and Fostering, she has been an amazing friend to animals and ALIVE Rescue. We will greatly miss her as she moves on to her next adventure in Texas! Thank you, Sarah, for all you’ve done and best to you!
A note from Sarah: “I am incredibly honored and thankful to have served on the Board of Directors for ALIVE Rescue for the past several years. The journey has been an incredible one that has changed the person I am and want to be forever. As excited as I am about my next adventure, I am incredibly sad to be leaving the ALIVE Rescue family. Thank you to everyone who has given their time, energy, commitment and love to ALIVE Rescue. You all have made my time here an incredible one and a place I am proud to call home. I also want to send a special note to Kristen, who has continually blown me away with her passion to fight for all those who can’t fight for themselves.”