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2020 Adoption Highlights

Motor Boat

In a year of difficulty, rescue animals saw us through. We’re ringing in the New Year by sharing our favorite adoption stories from 2020. Let’s start off with a fan-favorite: Motor Boat.

We met Mo in January 2019 at our city shelter (swipe to the last photo to see). She was 8 weeks old and paralyzed from the waist down due to an unknown injury. We met, and rescued, Motor Boat an hour before she was scheduled to be euthanized.

After vet visits and therapy, we learned Mo was permanently paralyzed, but not in pain. She’d need her bladder expressed a few times a day, and she couldn’t walk but loved to scoot around. With patience, we started the search for Mo’s perfect adopters. Motor Boat stayed with her foster mom Lora for a year and nine months.

In October of this year, Motor Boat was adopted by an amazing family that is experienced with paralyzed cats. In fact, one of Mo’s kitty siblings, Lukas, is also paralyzed! The two “paracats,” get to spend the rest of their lives together in a wonderful home that loves them a lot. You can follow along with their adventures on Instagram at @motorboat_the_cat.

Thank you, Angela and Robb, for writing MoMo the perfect ending to her story. We’re so grateful for you. They recently shared this update with us: “Princess MoMo is absolutely perfect!!! We couldn’t be happier to have her as part of our family.”


In a year that made us change a lot of the “how,” we never lost sight of the “why.” Every animal deserves a second chance at life, especially sick, abandoned seniors like Simba.

Simba came to us in June after he was found under a porch in really rough shape. He had matted hair, was severely underweight, and desperately needed dental work. A neighbor told us that his family moved and left him behind.

Simba’s journey to health was a long one. He had eight teeth extracted by our vets, and at one point, ended up in the ER with a severe infection. He needed daily care, like supplements for arthritis and daily medications for GI support. Despite it all, Simba was the sweetest, snuggliest boy who was just happy to be here. And that’s why we do what we do.

Thank you to Simba’s foster parents, Hannah, Sean and Ahmet, and Emily and Ned. They helped Simba through his medical issues while teaching him how to trust humans again. That’s a balancing act that takes a lot of courage and kindness. We can’t thank them enough.

Simba was recently adopted by a wonderful, loving family. (How amazing are these adoption pics?!) Thanks to them, he’ll get to live out his golden years full of love and comfort. Happy life, buddy!


Kermit wins “Best Glow Up of 2020.” He’s one of our absolute favorite adoption stories of this year.

Kermit came to us in September from West Memphis Animal Shelter after he was found as a stray. He had a severe case of Demodex mange, which is a noncontagious skin condition that is incredibly painful and itchy (swipe to the last two photos). Despite his wounds, discomfort, and pain, Kermit was the happiest, sweetest boy that loved humans and pups alike. Watching his will to heal while soaking up love in his foster home was a true testament to the goodness of dogs.

Thanks to his foster parents, Kermit received antibiotics and medicated baths every few days to treat his mange. They fell in love, couldn’t part ways, and he was adopted by his foster family. Cue the waterworks. Happy life, Kermit (now Cranker)! You deserve the world and more.


Earlier this year, Binfrey was left overnight in a donation bin at a partner animal rescue. Knowing about our rabbit program, the Hutch, they reached out to see if we could take him in. We gave an immediate yes.

Binfrey was a mess when he arrived. He had fleas, skin and ear mites, open wounds, and nails so overgrown they were criss-crossing. We got him to our vet, where he received a much needed mani-pedi, antibiotics and skin treatments. His road to recovery (and his forever home) had just begun.

Despite everything he’d been through, Binfrey was social, funny, and loved to snuggle. He quickly became a volunteer favorite, teaching everyone how great rabbits can be as pets.

Binfrey was adopted earlier this year by his vet from Companion Animal Hospital River North (the same one who treated his medical issues from the very start)! He now shares his home with two feline siblings and a box turtle.


As we look back on some of our favorite adoptions of the year, we have to mention Susan, our 2020 medical miracle.

Susan came to us from West Memphis Animal Shelter in May. After a few painful days at the emergency vet, Susan was diagnosed with SRMA (Steroid Responsive Meningitis-Arteritis).

She went to her foster home with several medications and rechecks at the neurologist. Caring for a dog at this level of sickness is never easy, and Susan made a fantastic recovery thanks to the TLC she received from humans who volunteered their time, empathy, and couches when Susan needed it the most.

Susan was adopted earlier this year by one of her fosters, Jason. We wish you a happy life full of health, stuffies, and snuggles, Susan!


Timmy came to us from @sarasanctuaryorg in June. He was young, shut down, and terrified of people (swipe to the last photo). Initially labeled as feral, Timmy lived at our shelter location. With the help of dog friends, volunteers, and staff, he slowly built confidence and trust in us. The world is less scary when it’s full of endless treats, right buddy?

Timmy’s adopters found us while browsing PetFinder. Since they’re located in New Jersey and outside of our adoption radius, they reached out in hopes that we’d make an exception to our rule. After connecting, it was clear they would be the perfect fit.

Last month Timmy’s adopters drove to Chicago with two dogs from their pack. It was love at first sight, so Timmy left with his new parents. Despite having never been in a home before, Timmy has clearly made himself comfortable. He’s discovering the joys of couches, dog beds, and romping in the yard with his siblings. All because his forever humans decided to take a chance.

In honor of Timmy, and all of the animals who took a little bit longer than usual to be adopted this year, here’s to 2021. May it bring us the mangey, sick, abandoned, shut-down, feral buddies in need of a second chance. And may we endlessly be able to give that to them.


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