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Carmen & Clifford

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

We started to rescue rabbits in 2017 through our new program, #theHUTCH. Carmen and Clifford are a bonded pair of rabbits landed an amazing foster while they waited on their forever home.

Luckily, the perfect family found them. Read more about Carmen and Clifford’s adoption, below...

"Our lives have gotten so much better since adopting Carmen and Clifford, also known as C&C. Being first-time bunny owners, we did lots of research on caring for rabbits before deciding to adopt. We had been searching for a pet on and off for over a year and always went back to ALIVE’s website.

One day, we saw Carmen and Clifford, and in less than a day we submitted our application. We loved that their personalities showed through online and that their foster families had been giving them the best care possible. We knew that they were going to be our newest family members after they came to our condo for the home visit. They hopped out of the carrier and felt comfortable in our home and we instantly fell in love. 

Since we adopted C&C, they have gotten so much more comfortable at home and we all have become so close. We know that adopting through ALIVE was worth it whenever C&C are so content that they flop right next to us and even jump up on the couch to say hi. They wait for their breakfast in the morning outside our bedroom door and greet us at the front door when we come home. Just seeing them happy every day has been so rewarding.

We highly encourage any potential adopter to get their rabbits through ALIVE. I know that C&C got the best care by all of their foster families before coming to live with us. Once we adopted them, we created an Instagram account for them. Immediately we got so many messages and comments from past foster families telling us how happy they were for them and that they are the best buns! We felt like we had a support group and it’s great to show the people who have cared for them that they are living their best lives in their forever home. If we had purchased rabbits from a store we wouldn’t have received this kind of support from the ALIVE foster community that we’ve had.

We have learned a lot about living with rabbits since we adopted them. We knew that they could be free roaming and litter trained, but didn’t know how easy it would be. They just learned to live in our house and almost act like a cat or dog at times. We love that they have our whole house to explore and they’re not cramped up in a cage. Clifford is very food motivated and will do just about anything for basil or a blueberry. Carmen is very curious and loves to explore every corner of the house. They both love their pets and will often lay together when we have petting and grooming sessions. We knew that we wanted a companion in our home, but never thought it would be rabbits.

Carmen & Clifford have hopped into our lives and have been the perfect addition to our family. We can’t thank ALIVE enough for the work that they do to put rabbits and other animals in the homes of loving families."


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