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Updated: Jan 8, 2021

We love following our alumni on their social media accounts! We get to see them living their best lives, and it shows us that all the hard work (and emotion) is worth it. Dot (now Busy) has an amazing life...and her expressions have us cracking up with every post. Find out about her adoption journey from her mom below.....

“I was following ALIVE Rescue for quite some time before I adopted Busy (fka Dot). I honestly wasn’t sure I was ready for a dog at the time, but when I saw Busy, I immediately knew that I had to adopt her. It’s funny, because she was bonded with her baby daddy (Dash) at the time, so I started the application to adopt both. I never submitted because I decided my small downtown apartment wasn’t ideal for two dogs.

After Busy had her puppies, Dot/Dash were separated and ALIVE officially unbonded them for adoption. A picture of her on Facebook was posted saying she was going to attend an upcoming adoption event and about five different people tagged me and/or texted me to look at that post. (I had sent her picture to all of my friends and family at this point!) I went to the event and almost cried leaving without her. I completed the application the next morning.

Busy was so scared of noises, and still is, but not nearly as much as back then. She was especially scared of trains, and I lived right under the train tracks, so the first few months were tough. I had to physically carry her BLOCKS away for her to go potty. We did a lot of training and counter conditioning. It took a lot of patience, cheese and a two block move to help. We worked hard at it, and she eventually got over her fear. Our biggest milestone was this July, when we went to meet some friends at a bar on the river walk right UNDER the train tracks. She just sat there, not scared, batting her eyelashes waiting to be pet by everyone that walked by. I truly think that having a dog changes you. It is a lot of work, but so worth it. I’ve learned to be more patient because of her. But, also, as she works through her fear of loud noises, she has also taught me to overcome fears. If you had seen her before and after, you wouldn’t think it’s the same dog. If she can do it, anyone can!

Busy has a stiff lip, an eye-roll and a lot of sass on Instagram. Check out @I_am_v_Busy to see for yourself! She is going to be so mad at me for saying this since it is ruining her ‘brand’, but she is honestly the sweetest girl. She loves to cuddle and give kisses. Busy is also OBSESSED with her older brother, Cubbie Bear Lee! He lives with my parents, but they see each other weekly, and their relationship is out of this world.He is 12 years old, and she brings out the puppy in him.

People should choose adoption because your future best friend is out there waiting for you. You will save a life, but I promise they will be will also change yours for the better!"


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