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Intake Date: 09/10/2018

On a chilly September night a Good Samaritan and ALIVE Rescue Volunteer heard tiny cries coming from somewhere in his backyard. The longer he searched for the source of the whining, the louder it got.

After over an hour of looking and worrying, he finally found the source. It was a two-week old kitten all by himself in a flower pot. It was Oscar.

At just a few weeks old and a mere eight ounces, Oscar was too young to survive without a mother. His eyes were bright blue and had just fully opened, he had no teeth, and his ears looked like they were folded in half. Since he’d been alone for a while, it was clear that he needed rescue. We immediately sent Oscar to an emergency vet. It was discovered that although he was healthy, he was going to need lots of TLC in order to make it.

Like all orphaned kittens, Oscar needed to be bottle-fed every few hours, stimulated to go to the bathroom, kept warm around the clock, and weighed daily. All baby animals should be raised by their animal mothers if it’s possible, but when unfortunate situations happen it’s our job to step in and save the littlest lives. That’s where his foster parents came into the picture.

In his foster home, Oscar received the non-stop care, love, and attention that he required. As time passed he grew big and strong while learning how to be a cat from his foster brother, Oatmeal.

His foster parents couldn’t give him up after playing his surrogate mother for weeks. They foster-failed, and Oscar was able to stay in the home that he was raised in! Two years later, Oscar is now 16 pounds, loves playing in the bathtub, is absolutely fearless, and loves nothing more than wrestling with his forever big brother, Oatmeal.


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