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Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Esha (now known as Ruth Bader Ginspurr) came to ALIVE during Chicago Rescue Day in 2017. She was a true beauty, but somewhat timid, so finding her “person” took some time. Luckily, in January of 2019, she found her purrfect match and is now living in a wonderful forever home.

Read about Esha’s adoption journey, below ...

“I adopted through ALIVE because the fostering program allows you to get to know the animals so well. Ruth's foster mom knew all about her personality and her quirks, and she was a resource even after the transition to answer all of my cat-related questions.

I knew that Ruth was the one when she stepped out of her carrier in my apartment and immediately started prowling around and yowling at me for attention, despite being with ALIVE for about a year because she was so shy. With me, she was extremely friendly and cozied right up, and she hasn't stopped her adorable grumbling since.

She loves to sleep right by my face every night, and my heart melts whenever she wakes up from a nap, sees me nearby, and meows as she runs over to cuddle next to me instead. I've learned that all her diva habits are well worth it, from her hogging my iPad to play games to buying an automatic feeder for her 4 a.m. two-bite hunger pangs to locking her in the shower with me to steam out her sinuses (per her vet's recommendation).

Adopting Ruth has improved my life so much as a new Chicago transplant since she makes hibernating through the long, dark winters much more cozy. I am so happy I decided to adopt an adult cat since I knew exactly the personality I was committing to, and I knew she would be okay alone while I was at work. She still has her adorably hyper moments (I'll hear her crash through her tunnel and slide along the floor as I'm getting ready for bed), but at the end of the day she's just a sweet, cuddly loaf that likes to dip her paws in whatever I'm drinking.”


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