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Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Finding a great match is always something we take pride in. Sadie's past life is unknown, but she arrived at ALIVE as a stressed momma cat with her kittens in tow. She found her "person" and has settled into the good life.

Learn more about Sadie's journey to her forever home...

"Adopting Sadie, now Grady, has been an amazing and rewarding journey. The ALIVE volunteer that I coordinated with (Brandy) was wonderful. Brandy talked me through the whole process and made sure I found the cat who was a perfect fit for my lifestyle. Grady is young, confident and the perfect balance of playful and chill, plus she gets along well with my dog.

When I first brought Grady home, she would get easily spooked by big movements and noises. She was also hesitant to sit on my lap. Nowadays, I wake up to her by my side every morning and she sits on my lap every day. She even lets me kiss her on the head. She is curious, playful and has a goofy personality. I am so grateful to ALIVE for helping me find my new best friend, words cannot express how much of a perfect fit she is for me. 

The most rewarding part of rescuing Grady has been watching her trust in me grow. Grady was rescued from the streets where she was raising her kittens. I don't know what kind of life she had before and if she was in a home or not, but there are many things that she is curious about that make me believe she wasn't in a home before (or at least not for very long). In spite of her rough start in life, she is an amazing indoor companion now. I am excited to continue watching her confidence, trust and personality grow. The resilience that many rescue animals have make them the best and most grateful companions anyone could ever ask for.”


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