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Updated: Jan 8, 2021

One of our most famous adoption stories still brings the feels to everyone who encountered this special pup. Actually, it brings feels to people all over who shared her story, donated to her and wished for her forever day to come. That magical day came after many years with ALIVE, but the wait was worth Una finding her perfect home. These blog posts are not long enough to describe all the time, love and support Una received over the years. We thank everyone who helped her and ALIVE during her journey. Una’s dad shares a bit of their adoption story below.

“Maria wanted to get involved in the rescue community and started volunteering at ALIVE Rescue. Shortly after she started, she noticed there were not many male volunteers and asked me to volunteer as well. Specifically, there was a dog, Una, that really took to men. I started volunteering and started spending time with Una on walks.

A few months later we heard that ALIVE was going to become an isolation center and all the dogs needed to be out. I suggested to Maria that we foster Una. Maria was unsure at first because of Una's reputation (resource guarding, loud barking at lights and shadows for no reason etc). In September 2016 we applied, were approved and began to foster Una.

In December, there was an application submitted to adopt Una. ALIVE let us know, and we decided then that we could not live without her and wanted to adopt. We finalized the adoption on the 4 year anniversary of her arrival to ALIVE Rescue!

After spending 4 years in the shelter, adjusting to a home life was a process. We realized that she was still on the schedule and routine of living at the little barn. We also had to teach her that there were rules and boundaries different from what she was used to. We noticed that she had difficulty sleeping with any form of light visible. We tried covering up her crate with blankets and put up blackout curtains in her room. She immediately started sleeping through the night and woke up refreshed and happy every day. Una was also known to not be the best walker. She often preferred to sit outside and watch all the people going by. We decided to buy a wagon for her so she could ride in it on long walks, but after a few walks with the wagon she started to jump out and walk on her own. She now takes long walks with us all over. It has helped to keep her fit and stay calm.

Over the 3 years we have had Una we have had many significant milestones. A couple are: 1. We noticed that she had become comfortable and trusting with us when she started to lay on her side and roll on her back. 2. We are able to have things out without worry of her bothering it (Clothes, Christmas Tree, plants, fireplace). This progress was not overnight, it took time.

Una’s capacity to love and trust again is incredible. She has taught us what worked for her to earn that trust. We are thankful to ALIVE Rescue for never giving up on her and grateful to be a part of the ALIVE family.”

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