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Updated: Jan 8, 2021

ALIVE is lucky to have volunteers who not only come to the adoption center to help care for the animals, but who also foster. Sometimes that “foster” turns into “forever”! Read more about Blanche’s foster and adoption story from her mom, below...

“When I first started as a volunteer at ALIVE, I quickly realized how important fosters really are. I learned that when you bring a dog into your home to foster, you are freeing up space where a new pup can stay (who might otherwise be euthanized). I couldn't believe that by me taking one dog, I could truly help two. And while I would be helping the rescue, I also liked the idea of my resident dog, Rocco, having a buddy during the day when I went to work.

With this in mind, I went to the rescue for my volunteer shift one Saturday morning to help out and possibly find my first foster, and there she was. I had never seen her before during my other shifts. A new, insanely sweet, extra chubby Beagle with the most soulful eyes and floppy soft ears running up to me. Blanche demanded (and still demands) pets by scooping your hand up and placing it on her head while she meticulously plops in your lap. She made me laugh the entire shift with her goofy, sassy ways, following me everywhere, just to catch some extra love and attention. I knew she would be a great fit as my first foster dog, so I filled out the foster application, went through the process and soon was approved to bring Blanche home. Let's just say that on the car ride home, while she sat in my lap in the passenger seat, I knew that this girl was going to be staying with me forever.

That was four years ago, and within that time Blanche has been my biggest support when I'm feeling down and continues to give me (and anyone who walks into my house) unconditional love. Blanche and Rocco have the best relationship anyone could ask for. They co-exist, snuggle and eat out of each others bowls. I'm not sure what her previous home or life was like, but I can say that deciding to foster (and foster fail) was one of the best decisions I've ever made. She is my (and Rocco's) co-pilot, wing-woman and biggest support system, and couldn't imagine my life without her.”


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