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Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Dori is the epitome of a team player, and she contributes to ALIVE Rescue in a variety of ways. We asked Dori to share some details about a volunteer task that she enjoys and most people may not realize they can help with, too.

Check out Dori's transport team story, below ...

"Transporting saves lives and helps animals in various ways:

1. Animals need initial rides from open access shelters to new foster homes or ALIVE’s adoption center, also known as freedom rides

2. Animals need rides to and from a vet appointments

3. Animals need rides to and from various fosters

4. Animals need transport to and from adoption events

If transporting an animal to a vet appointment, you’ll stay with the animal through the appointment, not only to transport them back to the Adoption Center or their foster home, but to provide comfort and possibly pick up things the vets may not see. I took Gertie and Gidget to the vet on one of my transport trips and when Gertie came back from her exam I noticed she was itching. It’s a good thing I noticed, because the vet hadn't noticed that she had fleas. We averted a huge outbreak by just asking, "Hey, should Gertie be itching a lot? Did you do something in the exam to her ears?"

Being available to transport to and from foster homes is also really important. Many people who offer to foster don't have cars themselves. Maybe they need food for an animal or medication and can't pick it up but the animal really needs it. If I'm available and can help, I do. We often use the #ittakesavillage hashtag because it really does. Maybe there's a week where I'm super busy, but if I have a window of time I know I can help with the transport team. This is a great way to know I'm doing something for the animals.

There are a ton of ways to help with transport. I felt so much more involved with ALIVE as soon as I started transporting. I may not be able to foster, but by taking adoptable animals to and from wherever, I am better connected to them and feel better connected to the whole rescue process. I know I can't save or help them all, but I'm doing my small part and it not only makes me feel better but I know I'm truly making a difference in that one animal's life."


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