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Paradise 4 Paws Employees

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Many people have fallen on tough times due to the pandemic, both emotionally and financially.

Operation RESCUE-19 is not just about saving homeless pets, the partnership also helps people.

Due to significant declines in travel or need for daycare and boarding caused by COVID-19, Paradise 4 Paws was forced to consolidate operations in Chicago and temporarily close their Midway Airport resort. Given the success of our partnership through the Adoption Center (housed in their Pooch Hotel West Loop location), they reached out with a unique opportunity to help us save more animals.

Paradise 4 Paws Midway donated the use of their Midway resort and we are providing the funds to employ their trained staff to care for these animals during a time when Paradise 4 Paws would otherwise be unable to offer them hours. $1,500 of our weekly budget goes toward employee costs.

Below are some comments from employees working at Paradise 4 Paws, caring for ALIVE Rescue animals.

“I like working with Alive Rescue because not only am I helping out animals in need of love and a home but they help me mentally during these stressful times.” - JACOB

“Working for P4P means I can care for pets that need a little extra attention while their owners are away, but working with the rescue gives me the opportunity to love animals who normally don’t have that option.” - JASMINE

“It means a lot to me that I have the opportunity to help animals feel at ease on their journey to a furever home!” - MIKE

“I love working with ALIVE Rescue because we never know how much of an ability we have to change someone’s life until you work or volunteer with rescue animals.” - RENE

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