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Latte and Bubble

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

In May ALIVE Rescue was contacted by a previous adopter asking for our help. She had moved to South Korea with our alumni (Ruff) for work and began fostering dogs for a local group called Band For Animal (BFA). BFA runs a small operation without a shelter, relying on a limited number of foster homes. They save dogs from kill shelters who only give their animals 30 days to find rescue, including puppies.

Outside shelters in South Korea are usually in horrible conditions and are mainly kill shelters. There are stray dogs and dog meat farms all over the country and barely any rescue organizations to help. Our adopter was making her way to Chicago and wanted to save two of these dogs from being euthanized. She was able to accompany two dogs on her flight if a rescue in the United States agreed to sponsor them. After hearing about their potential fate and our adopters willingness to help, we agreed to save them.

On June 12th, they made the long flight from South Korea to the United States where they were welcomed into the ALIVE Rescue family. Thanks to Operation RESCUE-19, these two spent quality time at Paradise 4 Paws Midway before heading into foster homes.

Interested in contributing to Operation RESCUE-19? Click here.


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