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Mama Sweet P

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Intake week: 4/29/20

Mama Sweet P was living outside when she got pregnant. Unfortunately, this is very common for outdoor cats that are not spayed.

A day after delivering six kittens (Soon to be Crinkle, Curly, Spud, Latke, Home Fry, Shoestring and Pierogi), a neighbor took in Mama Sweet P and her babies. Luckily, the neighbor’s daughter works with a local dog rescue so they reached out to her for advice. That’s when ALIVE Rescue was contacted for help. We were able to take them in immediately thanks to Operation RESCUE-19.

Mama Sweet P and her kittens lived at Paradise 4 Paws for several weeks while the babies were nursing. Our volunteers and Paradise 4 Paws staff cared for them and watched as their eyes began to open.

Before we knew it, the kittens learned to walk, play, and they found their meows. The six kittens are now living in foster homes while they await forever homes. Mama Sweet P is enjoying single life once again. She is one of the sweetest cats we have ever met!

Interested in contributing to Operation RESCUE-19? Click here.


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