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Updated: Jan 8, 2021

We are so lucky to have so many wonderful members of our ALIVE family, especially those who volunteer with the adoption team. Our adoption coordinators put a huge amount of time, energy and love into their roles and we couldn’t do our work without them.

Learn more about how Anita, one of our rockstar volunteers and adoption coordinators, found her way to ALIVE and why she enjoys helping animals find their perfect match ...

“Seven years ago I started volunteering at Chicago Animal Care and Control (CACC), my first step into rescue. I quickly realized I needed to become a foster home to really have an impact on saving lives. I asked CACC staff to give me their top few rescues and, after research, I reached out to ALIVE and began fostering. Life morphs with experience and time.

When the opportunity presented to become an adoption coordinator a year and a half ago, I raised my hand. Being an AC has given me the opportunity to match dogs with their furever families. ACs make sure applicants know as much as possible about the particular dog they are interested in, including the breed's unique needs. We learn about the family's lifestyle (work at home, go to office, active, couch potatoes, etc.) and make up (children, other pets, extended family, etc). Basically, we're matchmakers.

A good example case is Johnny Casino, or JC. JC has severe separation anxiety. The challenge was to match him with a family who would understand this guy's quirks, be around most of the time and fall in love with a senior guy who beat heartworm disease. It warms my heart that I was a part of matching JC with his amazing forever family and home, complete with a grandma who is retired, a 6 year-old human brother and a 12 year-old fur sister. The perfect match.

I've been honored to be able to interact with foster families, shelter volunteers, home visit coordinators and ALIVE leadership to learn as much as possible about our animals and rescue. The relationships I’ve forged as an AC, working closely with these amazing humans, has been one of the most emotionally fulfilling volunteer roles in my life.”


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