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Updated: Jan 8, 2021

It’s no secret that ALIVE doesn’t have a “type;” we simply take in the animals that need us the most. Sometimes it’s animals who need a simple spay or neuter and are then sent off to a happy home. Other times we take in animals with major medical problems that need extra time, care and funds to help them recover. No matter what type of animal we pull, we have some behind-the-scenes all-stars who help keep the train on the tracks and the animals as healthy as can be.

Stephanie, a medical coordinator at ALIVE, shares little about how she joined our team and why she loves her role...

“I have fostered with various rescues in Chicago over the last few years and started fostering with ALIVE in February 2018. My passion has always been senior dogs (we have four of our own) and those with special needs. I work in the medical field and was looking for a way to gain medical experience in animal rescue. After foster failing with an ALIVE dog that has medical needs (the infamous John Paul Bones), the opportunity to fill the role as a medical coordinator presented itself.

Many may not realize how much effort and coordination goes into the medical care and oversight of animals in rescue. From coordinating spay and neuter appointments to responding to foster homes if there is a medical concern to vaccinating and microchipping animals, I have very much enjoyed my time in this role and am incredibly appreciative of the knowledge I have gained because of it.

Setting up an animal for success in their forever home starts with proper medical care, and I feel very fortunate to not only be a part of that process but to have seen so many animals find loving homes through ALIVE Rescue.”


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